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Embracing the Unexpected,kress,leri
Embracing the Unexpected:
Prelude to the 5 Winds Kata
Our Price: $95.00

with Dennis Leri & Carol Kress
2 MP3 CDs, 20 Feldenkrais Lessons

Embodying all the principles of Judo, the 5 Winds Kata was deconstructed by Moshe Feldenkrais to make this traditional form accessible to an audience wider than one interested in martial arts. The lessons presented in this Workshop are foundational to both the Kata and the Feldenkrais Method®. If you can enjoy and understand the process of learning begun with these lessons, then you will find a profound deepening of your understanding of Awareness Through Movement® and the Feldenkrais Method.
Breathe, Alan Questel
Breathe (Audio Download)
Our Price: $60.00

Breathing is a measure of your well-being. It’s an indication of how you feel and is intrinsically connected to all of your actions, thoughts and feelings. Breathing is the single thing you have repeated more than anything else in your life. Which makes it your most practiced habit.. because ‘how’ you breathe is just that, it’s a habit!
Jerry Karzen,In Tune with Yourself,Musicians
In Tune with Yourself: Feldenkrais for Musicians 2010
Our Price: $75.00

By Jerry Karzen
Jerry Karzen's new audio program was recorded during a two-day workshop for musicians in Vienna, Austria. The participants were made up of musicians of many different backgrounds, including a number from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
Jerry Karzen,In Tune with Yourself,Musicians,2012
In Tune with Yourself: Feldenkrais for Musicians 2012
Our Price: $75.00

By Jerry Karzen
Jerry Karzen's new audio program was recorded during a two-day workshop for musicians in Vienna, Austria. The participants were made up of musicians of many different backgrounds, including a number from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
The Mass Psychology of Fittism by Edward Yu
The Mass Psychology of Fittism by Edward Yu
Our Price: $26.00

Edward Yu, the popular author of The Art of Slowing Down, has a new book about the fitness world. The book is full of fresh perspectives into what it really means to be fit. Yu accomplishes this through critiques of some of the current trends in the fitness world and suggestions for generative approaches to being fit, based on our evolutionary history.
See How They Move DVD Set
See How They Move DVD Set
Our Price: $29.95

This inspiring video shows the way young children can move when when they are allowed to develop freely. Highly recommended for new parents and anyone working with young children.
Moving Out of Pain, by Mark Reese
Moving Out of Pain Audio Set
Our Price: $98.00

These 16 half-hour gentle Awareness Through Movement lessons are perfect for anyone who has compromised movement and for those who are new to the Feldenkrais Method. Mark teaches in such a way that your awareness is enhanced, and as a result, you learn to sense yourself and move in new and more comfortable ways.

Listen to a Sample of Moving Out of Pain

Embodied Learning: Focus on Breathing, CD Set, by Elizabeth Beringer
Embodied Learning: Focus on Breathing Audio Set
Our Price: $56.00

This eight-session program leads the user step-by-step through important aspects of healthy breathing. Each lesson artfully combines imagination, breath and movement to release healthy and natural breathing and increased flexibility. This series can be a tremendous support for those recovering from surgery, dealing with pain, or to increase overall health. create the basis for fuller and more comfortable breathing.
Weightless Movement: Advanced Awareness Through Movement II, with David Zemach-Bersin
Advanced ATM II: Weightless Movement Audio Set
Our Price: $62.00

by David Zemah-Bersin
Have you ever wanted to fly? These Awareness Through Movement lessons will bring you as close to the feeling of flying as possible, while still having your feet on the ground. In principle, in well organized movement, we are aligned with gravity in such a way as to produce the sensation of being nearly weightless.

Extensive Awareness Through Movement experience is strongly recommended.
Listen to a Sample of Weightless Movement: Advanced ATM II

Voice, Breath,Posture,Arlyn,Zones,Corinna,May
Voice, Breath and Posture (PUBLIC) DVD
List Price: $139.00
Our Price: $139.00
Sale Price: $125.10
Savings: $13.90

by Arlyn Zones and Corinna May

The use of the voice is the center of investigation for this five-day course in which Arlyn Zones and Corinna May artfully lead the participants towards their resonant center. Both Arlyn and Corinna began their explorations of the voice through their early exposure to acting.

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