Gaby Yaron

Advanced Training I: Integrating the Arms and Hands (1984)

by Gaby Yaron

The four virtuosic lessons included in this set were recorded during Gaby Yaron’s annual Advanced training in Berkeley. The set includes Gaby’s memorable and extended version of the flying lesson, an impressive sitting lesson we’ve seen no where else and two other great lessons.
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These recordings represent the Awareness Through Movement portion of Gaby‰۪s Third Annual Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Teachersin Berkeley. These extended and inspired lessons were directly connected to the Functional Integration instruction and are noteworthy for their advanced and unusual nature. You will enjoy the lessons both for your pleasure and your learning.

-"The lessons from this advanced training went straight into my unconscious and effortlessly became part of my core ATM repertoire." -Elizabeth Beringer

  1. Reaching and Dropping
  2. Flying Lesson
  3. Sitting and Turning Around Hand
  4. Jumping Lesson

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