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Note: Journals only available to ship domestically at this time. For International shipping options, please contact us directly: info@feldenkraisresources.com

Today I have the pleasure of offering you the last remaining copies of three decades’ worth of The Feldenkrais Journal, published by the FGNA. The Feldenkrais Guild has decided to let them all go in order to save the storage costs and to spread them out in the world where they can be appreciated. The FGNA Feldenkrais Journal is at the heart of the Feldenkrais Method's intellectual, philosophical, and literary life.

The Journals cover an incredible range of topics and applications of the Method and trace the development of our work over time. Five editors and numerous guest editors brought their unique sensibilities to the 29 issues represented in this sale. At the bottom of this email you can see a list of editors and the theme of journals they created.

I hope you will enjoy your journals for many years to come.

Elizabeth Beringer

Here are various options for purchasing Journals:

  • Single Issue: $15

  • 5 Issues: $62

  • 10 Issues: $105

For orders of 5 or 10 Journals, the discount will appear at checkout At the bottom of this email you can see a list of editors and the themes of journals they created. Follow the link at the very bottom to order the Journals you want, or other options listed below. The quantity discounts will show up at check out. All Journals are listed at $15, but when you order 5 or 10 the lower price will be reflected in your final total.

Although many of the Journals have themes, each issues includes articles with a wide range of subjects, not only related to the theme of the issue. Please note that there are very few of some issues remaining and we can only guarantee the issues listed early in the process. So please order early to insure the issues you want are still available.

Complete Boxed Set: (Journals 1-29) $550

Own a part of our shared legacy and support the Guild at the same time. Browse through history and watch the thinking about the Method evolve over time. ***Only two complete sets available.**

Don’t know where to start? Let longtime editor (Elizabeth) pick for you!

Editor’s choice:

  • 15 favorites in a boxed set including beautiful ornamental storage box. $198

Elizabeth will choose from her favorite available editions. If you have a particular date range, for example Journals that were published before you became a member, or a particular theme you're interested in, let us know and the 15 will be customized for you. First put your order through the website for the editor's choice, next you can send any request for dates or content to
elizabeth@feldenkraisresources.com or ryan@feldenkraisresources.com. (This applies only to the Editor’s Choice!)

Ornamental Boxes:

Each box holds (approximately) 15 journals

Display the Journals on your office bookshelf!

  • 1 box $29

  • 2 boxes $55 (fits all Journals to date)

  • 3 boxes $75 (Plan ahead for the next decade of Journals!)

*NOTE: Orders for Ornamental Boxes will ship in early January

Prices will adjust depending on how many
Journals are ordered:

  • Single Issue: $15
  • 5 Issues: $62
  • 10 Issues: $105

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
2280-BoxSet-15 Feldenkrais Journal Boxed Set (Issues #15 - #29)
2280-30 Feldenkrais Journal Complete Set (29 Issues)


(Out of Stock)
2280-EB-15 Feldenkrais Journal Editor's Choice (15 Issues)
2280-Box-1 Ornamental Box x 1 (*Box Only)
2280-Box-2 Ornamental Box x 2 (*Boxes Only)
2280-Box-3 Ornamental Box x 3 (*Boxes Only)
2280-2 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #002 (TWO): Martial Arts & Feldenkrais
2280-3 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #003 (THREE): Feldenkrais Journal #3
2280-4 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #004 (FOUR): Emotions
2280-5 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #005 (FIVE): The Arts (Winter 1990)
2280-7 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #007 (SEVEN): Conceptual Models (Winter 1992)
2280-8 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #008 (EIGHT): The Truth of the Matter (Winter 1993)
2280-9 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #009 (NINE): Parallel Developments (Winter 1994)
2280-10 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #010 (TEN): Children (Winter 1995)
2280-11 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #011 (ELEVEN): More Children (Winter 1996)
2280-12 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #012 (TWELVE): 1997 - 1998
2280-14 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #014 (FOURTEEN): Performing Arts (Spring 2002)
2280-15 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #015 (FIFTEEN): Awareness Through Movement (Winter 2003)
2280-16 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #016 (SIXTEEN): Performing Arts 2, Two, Too, To (Summer 2003)
2280-17 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #017 (SEVENTEEN): General Issue (Spring 2004)
2280-18 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #018 (EIGHTEEN): Parenting (Spring 2005)
2280-21 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #021 (TWENTY-ONE): Open Issue (2008)
2280-22 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #022 (TWENTY-TWO): Teaching (Fall 2009)
2280-24 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #024 (TWENTY-FOUR): General Issue (2011)
2280-25 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #025 (TWENTY-FIVE): Let’s Play (2012)
2280-26 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #026 (TWENTY-SIX): Science (2013)
2280-27 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #027 (TWENTY-SEVEN): Improvisation (2014)
2280-28 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #028 (TWENTY-EIGHT): General Issue (2015)
2280-29 Feldenkrais Journal Issue #029 (TWENTY-NINE): Aesthetic Experience (2016)
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