Moshe Feldenkrais

San Francisco Evening Class Notes, 1976

The San Francisco Evening Class Notes 1976 are a wonderful resource full of accessible lessons for both new and experienced teachers. The series is also of particular interest to practitioners as it is the only example of Moshe teaching classes to the public in English. We highly recommend these notes for students preparing to teach public ATM classes. The audio of the classes is also available.


By Moshe Feldenkrais

In 1976, during the second year of the San Francisco Training Program, Moshe Feldenkrais taught two biweekly evening Awareness Through Movement classes for the general public. Nearly 200 people attended and the classes were exactly one hour long. These notes are taken directly from those classes and are the only set of notes available from a class that Feldenkrais taught especially for the public in English. Each lesson is well organized in an outline format and embellished with key awareness instructions, making this manuscript easy to follow and a perfect teaching manual for ATM classes and workshops. The manuscript includes 26 ATM lessons and is 92 pages.

  1. Tilting Pelvis Sitting, June 17
  2. Extensors, June 21
  3. Classic Rotation Sitting, June 24
  4. Coordinating Flexors and Extensors, June 28
  5. Foot to head, July 1
  6. Rolling Arms, Rolling Fists—Errol Flynn, July 1
  7. Rolling to Sitting, July 8
  8. Oscillations—Jello Pudding, July 12
  9. Tilting Legs on Stomach, July 15
  10. Lengthening Side / Arm Bending, July15
  11. Sitting on Heels—Cat Back, July 19
  12. Rolling from Back to Stomach, July 22
  13. Clarifying Movements of the Feet, July 26
  14. Shoulder Circles, July 26
  15. Sitting to Lying with Hand on Chin, July 29
  16. Lifting Legs and Arms, August 2
  17. Tilting Left and Right Sitting, August 2
  18. Oscillations II, August 5
  19. Praying, August 9
  20. Using Knees Like Drumsticks, August 9
  21. Rolling from Stomach, August 12
  22. Rolling to Sit #2, August 19
  23. Pelvic Twist, August 19
  24. Kick on Side, August 23

Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc. (1904 - 1984) began developing what has become known as the Feldenkrais Method after he sustained a crippling knee injury while working in England during World War II. His own recovery process and subsequent wide-ranging research resulted in the creation of a unique educational system that incorporated his background in physics, Judo, and a lifelong interest in human development. By the end of Dr. Feldenkrais’s life, the Feldenkrais Method had gained an International reputation and he had trained a significant number of teachers. The Method that bears his name continues to evolve and spread across the globe.