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Mia Segal was Dr. Feldenkrais' first assistant, collaborator and associate for sixteen years, after which together, they trained students worldwide. Mia is known for her unequalled mastery of the work and as a superb teacher. She is committed to ensure that this work continues in the essential and powerful form it was given to her by Dr. Feldenkrais during their many years of collaboration and friendship.
Mia has been acclaimed worldwide as the standard bearer for the applications and philosophy of the Feldenkrais Method. Mia has a black belt in Judo, which she received in the Kodokan, Tokyo, in 1970.
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MBS DVD Series:  Vol I, Twisting, Mia Segal
MBS DVD Series One, Vol I: Twisting
Our Price: $45.00

with Mia Segal
In this collection of lessons, Mia demonstrates and explains in depth how to use the simple movement of twisting while lying on the back to address a variety of physiological difficulties and how to keep improving through complete integration of the mind-body system. This sequence is a must-have for anyone interested in the Feldenkrais Method.  
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MBS DVD Series One, Vol II: Lengthening the Arms, Mia Segal
MBS DVD Series One, Vol II: Lengthening the Arms
Our Price: $45.00

with Mia Segal
In this compilation of sessions, Mia shows how we are the ones who place our own limits and limitations and how we can expand our abilities through differentiation and integration, all through a sequence of demonstrations based on the movement of lengthening the arms.
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MBS DVD Series One, Vol III: Alleviating Whiplash, Mia Segal
MBS DVD Series One, Vol III: Alleviating Whiplash
Our Price: $45.00

with Mia Segal
Mia demonstrates and explains how to observe, gather information and help a person who is suffering the long-term effects of a car accident, including severe headaches and neck pain. Mia shows how to think of and apply the concept of distribution-of-effort, through Awareness Through Movement andFunctional Integration, leading to greater mobility throughout the system. Four years later, this client has not had any recurrences of these symptoms.
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