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Moving with Mindfulness - Balancing the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous System - MP3 CD
Moving with Mindfulness - Balancing the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic Nervous System - MP3 CD
Our Price: $90.00

by Jerry Karzen
This new program authored by veteran Feldenkrais trainer Jerry Karzen offers participants a pathway to ease the tension that individuals in stressful situations experience. The guided-movement lessons offer a variety of simple, full or partial body movements that can lead to more mindful and ultimately deeply restful moments. The mindful movements can also offer the participants a taste of thought-free experiences such as those cultivated in meditation practices. These lessons can help to reset the way that the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems work together, leading to both fuller rest and resilient energy.

Getting Grounded Gracefully: Improving your balance step by step - MP3 CD
Getting Grounded Gracefully: Improving your balance step by step - MP3 CD
Our Price: $62.00

by Robert Webb
Getting Grounded Gracefully is a series of 16 lessons specifically designed to improve balance in everyday life, especially as one ages. The program proceeds methodically through many of the basic elements that relate to good balance.

Making the Impossible Possible<br>Rare & Advanced Awareness Through Movement Lessons
Making the Impossible Possible
Rare & Advanced Awareness Through Movement Lessons
Our Price: $89.00

Take your relationship with Awareness Through Movement to the next level with Making the Impossible Possible. David Zemach-Bersin, co-founder of the Feldenkrais Institute and one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' original students, has taught Awareness Through Movement for over 40 years.  He conveys the unique ATM lessons in Making the Impossible Possible in a way that enables each person to discover successful strategies for making seemingly difficult and challenging situations  satisfying, pleasurable, invigorating and rewarding.
Voice, Breath,Posture,Arlyn,Zones,Corinna,May
Voice, Breath and Posture (PUBLIC) DVD
Our Price: $139.00

by Arlyn Zones and Corinna May

The use of the voice is the center of investigation for this five-day course in which Arlyn Zones and Corinna May artfully lead the participants towards their resonant center. Both Arlyn and Corinna began their explorations of the voice through their early exposure to acting.

The Elusive Obvious Book, by Moshe Feldenkrais
The Elusive Obvious Book
Our Price: $21.95

by Moshe Feldenkrais
This warm conversational book is deemed by many as one of Moshe Feldenkrais's most readable and interesting books. The Elusive Obvious was the last book Feldenkrais wrote and in it he distills his vision of his Method. The book represents a graceful summation of both the theory and practice of the Feldenkrais Method.
Movement Intelligence Solutions DVD Set with Ruthy Alon
Movement Intelligence: Solutions Part 1
Our Price: $275.00

by Ruthy Alon
9 DVDs, 48 Processes

In this rich six-day program, Ruthy Alon artfully guides and empowers participants to awaken their own, self-correcting intelligence, so that they are able to overcome their functional challenges with better options for efficient, coordinated action. It is the recording of a six-day program developed by Ruthy Alon, who has been helping people improve their lives through movement for 50 years.

Working Within the Subjective Middle (Video Set)
Working Within the Subjective Middle (Video Set)
Our Price: $139.00

by Olena Nitefor
Learn potent strategies for individualized sense making through the lens of the "subjective middle." As practitioners we often find ourselves comparing movement left to right. Implicitly, we are making our observations from an idea of an “objective middle.” What if we could suspend the idea of an “objective middle” and instead, identify and work with a person’s “subjective middle,” an orientation from which it is startlingly apparent that they are more at home and function more effectively? From this standpoint, a practitioner can address the self-image from a unique perspective, the client’s own.
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