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Seeing Clearly, David Webber,
Seeing Clearly Audio Set
Our Price: $79.95

Suddenly in 1996, at the age of 43, David Webber lost his eyesight, due to a severe eye condition (uveitis), and was declared legally blind. Remarkably, he regained much of his vision by working with the practical principles of The Feldenkrais Method. Based on his own healing experience, David will guide you through a variety of Awareness Through Movement lessons that will teach you new skills that help you to see more clearly.
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Seeing Clearly, David Webber,
Seeing Clearly Video Set
Our Price: $119.00

Activate your brain’s potential for visual repair and improvement with this gentle program. Seeing Clearly interacts with your brain and nervous system to reduce muscular tension in your eyes, increase ocular circulation, improve movement and focus, and enhance the coordination between your eyes, brain, and body.
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Improving Your Eye-Hand Coordination the Feldenkrais Way, Donna Ray
Improving Your Eye-Hand Coordination the Feldenkrais Way Audio Set
Our Price: $45.00

If your sport of choice involves your eyes and hand, these Awareness Through Movement lessons are for you. Using an unusual combination of imagery and movement, they create the conditions to help you keep your eye on the ball and watch your game improve as you break up old habits & create new patterns of movement.
Previous experience with Awareness Through Movement is recommended.
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The Use of Eyes in Movement, Jack Heggie - MANUSCRIPT
The Use of Eyes in Movement Book
Our Price: $18.00

by Jack Heggie
Working with the relationship of the eyes to the rest of the body can be a powerful means to improve physical organization and functioning. Jack Heggie has created this unique system for improving vision that integrates his experience with the Feldenkrais Method and the work of Dr. William Bates.
"The use of the eyes in movement is of great importance for individual well-being and good overall use of the body and mind..." —Jack Heggie, "The Use of The Eyes in Movement"
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Total Body Vision Feldenkrais Audio CD Set by Jack Heggie
Total Body Vision Audio Set
Our Price: $69.95

by Jack Heggie
This dynamic series of easy movement sequences and eye exercises will enrich your visual life. Enjoy a world of finer details, more vivid colors, and richer textures. This powerful series of exercises helps to improve the overall quality of your vision, posture, and movement. The lessons are designed to facilitate eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, color and depth perception, and create greater ease in discerning texture and fine detail.
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