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Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees & Ankles Volume I CD Set by Elizabeth Beringer
Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees & Ankles Vol I Audio Set
Our Price: $56.00

The lessons are oriented toward those who wish to improve the functioning of their legs—and specifically their knees and ankles. All lessons in this series are basic and gentle – appropriate for those recovering from an injury. No prior experience with the Feldenkrais Method is necessary.

Listen to a Sample of Knees & Ankles Vol I

Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees & Ankles II, by Elizabeth Beringer
Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees & Ankles Vol II Audio Set
Our Price: $56.00

This series was specifically designed as a continuation of the first Volume. The lessons continue to focus on the healthy functioning of the legs. All of the lessons in this second volume are grounded in the logic of the first set and increasing in complexity.
Prior experience with Awareness Through Movement is recommended.
Listen to a Sample of Embodied Learning: Focus on the Knees & Ankles Vol II
Breath and Balance ATM Workshop Audio CD, Gaby Yaron
Breath and Balance ATM Workshop Audio Set
Our Price: $67.00

Formerly known as, Integrated Bending. GabyYaron held this public workshop after her remarkable recovery from a serious automobile accident. Ms. Yaron's teachings throughout this workshop, were clearly influenced by the extended inner work she did during her recovery process is appropriate for people with a wide range of abilities, including those with balance challenges.
Walking Awareness Through Movement, Mark Reese
Walking Awareness Through Movement Audio Set
Our Price: $52.00

by Mark Reese
The five Awareness Through Movement exercises included in this set are the result of Mark Reese's investigation into the function and improvement of walking. The exercises focus on balance coordination posture rhythm and timing.

Listen to a Sample of Walking Awareness Through Movement

Balance CD Set by Alan Questel
Balance Audio Set
Our Price: $60.00

Balance (or the lack of it), describes how you are, both physically and emotionally. You know what it is...but what is it really? Balance is something you only really think about when you lose it. But do you know what you lose? Finding your balance is easier and closer than you think! In this workshop you will experience some of the fundamental ideas that inform you about your balance as well as ways you can understand it, utilize it and play with it.
May the Force Go Through You, Alan Questel
May the Force Go Through You MP3 Download
Our Price: $60.00

Making our lives easier, more efficient and more comfortable can emerge from a more efficient use of our skeleton, yet it is a hidden and relatively unperceived aspect of who we are. The function of our skeleton is to bear weight and transmit force, however it is underutilized in our everyday life. Becoming clearer about our skeleton and how it functions can open up new ways for us to interact with our environment. Through Awareness Through Movement you will discover how you can become more “skeletal“, resulting in a new and more vital sense of yourself in a truly foundational way.
The Art of Slowing Down: A Sense-able Approach to Running Faster, by Edward Yu
The Art of Slowing Down Book
A Sense-able Approach to Running Faster
Our Price: $18.00

Feldenkrais practitioner Edward Yu has brought together his background in the martial arts of Bagua and Taichi with his Feldenkrais experience, to create a refreshing new approach to running faster. Edwards writing style is engaging. He uses stories and example from his own life and those of his students to highlight his points and the result is a highly readable book that in the end is not just about running, but about how one lives one’s life.
Walking: Natures Perfect Exercise by Pamela Kihm
Walking, Natures Perfect Exercise Book
Our Price: $24.00

by Pamela Kihm
Walking doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle! Each 'Step" of this book teaches you to walk with greater comfort and power. Within the pages of Walking: Nature’s Perfect Exercise you will find guidance, and exercises to help you walk more efficiently - whether you are crossing the street, going up and down stairs, or hiking on trails.
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