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Mark Reese, Ph.D. was one of the world's foremost authorities on the Feldenkrais Method. Mark studied with Moshe Feldenkrais in San Francisco, Amherst and Tel-Aviv, and taught practitioners in more than 30 domestic and international Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs. He taught advanced trainings throughout the world, including at both Esalen and the Omega Institute.
Mark published extensively on the Feldenkrais Method and related health issues, and is coauthor of Relaxercise (Harper Collins) a best-selling book of Feldenkrais lessons. At the time of Marks passing on June 23rd, 2006 Mark was working on a biography of Moshé Feldenkrais which was completed by his wife Carol Kress in 2015.
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Moshe Feldenkrais: A Life in Movement
by Mark Reese
Our Price: $47.00

This definitive biography of Moshe Feldenkrais retraces his remarkable adventures and explorations over several continents, and through some of the pivotal events of the twentieth century. Weaving together Feldenkrais's life and his work, this book is compelling reading for all who would like to learn more about his thought and method, and indispensable for anyone already deeply engaged with his work. Authored by Mark Reese, Feldenkrais's long time student and an accomplished Feldenkrais practitioner, this meticulously researched book took nearly two decades to complete.

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Moving Out of Pain, by Mark Reese
Moving Out of Pain Audio Set
Our Price: $98.00

These 16 half-hour gentle Awareness Through Movement lessons are perfect for anyone who has compromised movement and for those who are new to the Feldenkrais Method. Mark teaches in such a way that your awareness is enhanced, and as a result, you learn to sense yourself and move in new and more comfortable ways.

Listen to a Sample of Moving Out of Pain

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Relaxercise, David Zemach-Bersin & Mark Reese
Relaxercise Audio Set
Our Price: $82.00

Relaxercise is designed for use both at home and at work. It gives special consideration to the common postural problems associated with sitting for long periods of time. Relaxercise improves your posture offers relief to every common problem area and is a rich source of information on how to maintain healthy movement.

Listen to a Sample of Relaxercise

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TMJ Health Audio Set, Mark Reese & David Zemach-Bersin
TMJ Health Audio Set
Product Price $78.00

The gentle movements of TMJ Health are easy to do and can be done laying down or sitting in a chair. Uncover the habits that have contributed to your discomfort and learn new movement patterns that will melt away pain.

Listen to A Sample of TMJ Health

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Sensory Motor Education for the Mouth and Jaw, David Zemach-Bersin & Mark Reese
Sensory Motor Education for the Mouth and Jaw Audio Set
Our Price: $65.00

by David Zemach-Bersin & Mark Reese
These innovative ATM lessons were designed specifically for people with TMJ Syndrome and problems of the mouth and jaw. The lessons in this series are similar to the lessons in TMJ Health, but are taught directly by Mark Reese and David Zemach-Bersin.

Listen to a Sample of Sensory Motor Education for the Mouth and Jaw

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Relaxercise Book, by Mark Reese & David Zemach-Bersin
Relaxercise Book
Our Price: $24.99

by Mark Reese & David Zemach-Bersin
This new book offers ten easy-to-do Awareness Through Movement exercises which can be done either sitting in a chair or lying on the floor. The book includes special chapters on back pain posture sitting and ergonomics. Each exercise is completely illustrated.
"In order for you to take advantage of your body’s extraordinary ability to improve itself through sensory motor learning, you must give your brain an opportunity to detect and reduce the unnecessary, counterproductive muscular effort." —From The Book "Relaxercise"
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Walking Awareness Through Movement, Mark Reese
Walking Awareness Through Movement Audio Set
Our Price: $52.00

by Mark Reese
The five Awareness Through Movement exercises included in this set are the result of Mark Reese's investigation into the function and improvement of walking. The exercises focus on balance coordination posture rhythm and timing.

Listen to a Sample of Walking Awareness Through Movement

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