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Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method Vol I & II
by Elizabeth Beringer & David Zemach-Bersin

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Featured Product

Erin Learns to Walk Better

In this rare footage, Dr. Feldenkrais illustrates an alternative to standard manual therapy practice. Moshe contructs five lessons for Erin, a child with cerebral palsy. She learns to walk better via a series of thematically connected movement progressions. Each recorded lesson is availbe with the option to observe and listen to Moshe or with a voice-over commentary by Jerry Karzen, a close friend and associate for Dr. Feldenkrais.

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The store carries audio and video programs of interest to practitioners as well as transcripts of professional trainings and collections of ATM lessons. We have reviewed all of the products we carry, and we stand behind their quality. Many of our programs are authored by the most experienced members of the profession or by practitioners with a special expertise. We strive for the highest standard of work in the programs we promote.

Please register with this site to gain access to materials restricted to practitioners and students in professional training programs. In appreciation for your passion and dedication to studying the work of Dr. Feldenkrais you will receive a discount on some of our non-professional products. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to approve your account. >Click Here To Register
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Embracing the Unexpected,kress,leri
Embracing the Unexpected:
Prelude to the 5 Winds Kata
Our Price: $95.00

with Dennis Leri & Carol Kress
2 MP3 CDs, 20 Feldenkrais Lessons

Embodying all the principles of Judo, the 5 Winds Kata was deconstructed by Moshe Feldenkrais to make this traditional form accessible to an audience wider than one interested in martial arts. The lessons presented in this Workshop are foundational to both the Kata and the Feldenkrais Method®. If you can enjoy and understand the process of learning begun with these lessons, then you will find a profound deepening of your understanding of Awareness Through Movement® and the Feldenkrais Method.
Making the Impossible Possible<br>Rare & Advanced Awareness Through Movement Lessons
Making the Impossible Possible
Rare & Advanced Awareness Through Movement Lessons
Our Price: $89.00

Take your relationship with Awareness Through Movement to the next level with Making the Impossible Possible. David Zemach-Bersin, co-founder of the Feldenkrais Institute and one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' original students, has taught Awareness Through Movement for over 40 years.  He conveys the unique ATM lessons in Making the Impossible Possible in a way that enables each person to discover successful strategies for making seemingly difficult and challenging situations  satisfying, pleasurable, invigorating and rewarding.
A Guide to Awareness Through Movement, by Chava Shelhav & Dalia Golomb
A Guide to Awareness Through Movement Book
18 Lessons Based on the Feldenkrais Method
Our Price: $42.00

by Chava Shelhav & Dalia Golomb
The detailed instructions and abundant photos accompanying the 18 lessons in this well designed volume set it apart from many other guides intended to support the user in doing lessons on their own.
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