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Ruthy Alon was among the thirteen fortunate ones who sat on straw stools around the low treatment table of Moshe's first training. Since those early days in Israel, the Feldenkrais Method has become the central axis of Ruthy’s development and professional contributions. She was the first practitioner to follow Moshe to the U.S. in 1972, coming to the Esalen Institute in California and then teaching his new approach to the improvement of human functioning in centers around the world.
Ruthy continues to develop and expand upon her work with the Method though her Bones for Life program. 
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Grammar of Spontaneity, Vol. 1 CD Set by Ruthy Alon
Grammar of Spontaneity Vol I Audio Set
Our Price: $82.00

Ruthy’s style of teaching is warm and inviting, making this one of our most popular programs for both beginning and experienced students. Originally titled Primal Moving, this series of basic Awareness Through Movement exercises is grounded in early movement patterns of development and desinged to restore the grace and ease of moving as a child.

Listen to a Sample of Grammar of Spontaneity Vol I

Grammar of Spontaneity, Vol. 2 CD Set, by Ruthy Alon
Grammar of Spontaneity Vol II Audio Set
Our Price: $82.00

If you enjoyed Ruthy's lovely teaching style in The Grammar of Spontaneity Volume I then you are going to love this CD set. This set is notable for its selection of unusual and varied exercises and its extended 90-minute Awareness Through Movement lessons.

Listen to a Sample of Grammar of Spontaneity Vol 2

The Sphincters: 1983 Advanced Seminars CD Set with Ruthy Alon
The Sphincters: 1983 Advanced Seminars Audio Sets
Our Price: $65.00

by Ruthy Alon
In this advanced training, Ruthy focused entirely on the circular and sphincter muscles of the body. These unusual and original lessons work with the mouth, tongue, eyes and anus in various functional sequences and are conveyed in Ruthy’s warm and inviting style. Initiating movement through our sphincters brings an internal listening that has been known to be restorative all along the "channel" from our mouth and intestines to our pelvic floor with wide ranging benefits
Walk for Life DVD Set with Ruthy Alon
Walk for Life: A Movement Intelligence Program
Our Price: $150.00

by Ruthy Alon
9 DVDs, 52 Processes

Walk for Life is a comprehensive program to improve your walking. It is the recording of a five-day program developed by Ruthy Alon, who has been helping people improve their lives through movement for 40 years.

Chairs DVD Set with Ruthy Alon
Chairs: From Fixation to Mobility
Our Price: $150.00

by Ruthy Alon
12 DVDs, 44 Processes

Ruthy Alon has focused her creative energies towards simple movement processes that can all be done sitting in a chair. The DVD program shows Ruthy Alon leading a group step by step through the movements. The 44 short sessions are oriented towards anyone who sits as a significant part of their day, and also for anyone looking to in Ruthy's words: "Refresh their posture and develop Anti-Gravity Vitality." The length and simplicity of the lessons allows them to be easily used as part of a daily practice.
Mindful Eating:  <br>The Inner Game of Chewing <br>(5 Segments)
Mindful Eating:
The Inner Game of Chewing
(5 Segments)
Our Price: $30.00

This movement Intelligence program focuses on the act of eating, bringing awareness to the details of chewing, tasting, and swallowing. The process brings attention to unconscious habits that disturb the eating process and opens the space for more choice in this essential function.

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