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  The Elusive Obvious Book
The Elusive Obvious Book, by Moshe Feldenkrais

by Moshe Feldenkrais
This book deals with simple, fundamental notions of our daily life that through habit become elusive. We carry from one activity to another attitudes of mind that do not make life what it could be. Moshe Feldenkrais considers himself not a therapist but a teacher. In both his individual, hands-on body work known as Iand his group Awareness Through Movement classes he guides clients to discover for themselves what normal or optimum movement feels like. This sensing will then reprogram–his term is "rewire"–the brain accordingly. This is a new kind of learning. There is no one "correct" way. Each pupil discovers his own correction functioning for himself. It is a joyful experience, which works on body, mind, and feelings simultaneously. The changes are dramatically visible, not only in better functioning but in a whole new self image.

Hardbound Book
158 Pages
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Preface by Moshe Feldenkrais

The Elusive Obvious deals with simple, fundamental notions of our daily life that through habit become elusive. Time is money is obviously a good attitude to have in business or work. It is not at all obvious that in love the same attitude is the cause of so much unhappiness. We often make mistakes. We carry over from one activity to another attitudes of mind that do not make life what it could be. romance is obviously a fine thing. Romantic love is enchanting, but not so good if one partner is money-minded and the other is romantic. In time, they will finish at the psychiatrist's or in court. Many troubled relationships come from inadvertently carrying over seemingly good habits of thought to where they do not apply. Somehow we behave as if good habits are always good. We think or rather feel that we need not bother about behaving otherwise. It is not so obvious that good habits can make us unhappy. It is an elusive truth. Yet habitual lack of free choice is often, nay, usually, disastrous. If you come across something obviously new to you, in its form at least, please stop for a moment and look inward. Working out new alternatives assists us to grow stronger and wiser. My editor tells me that I should free readers from having to think and look inward. I believe she knows what the average reader likes. I myself do not like predigested food. For you, the reader, I have added to the beginning and end of each chapter a short introduction and summary to facilitate your digestion so that you will find it easier to make what is elusive more obvious.

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