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A Life in Movement The biography of Moshe Feldenkrais by Mark Reese

Moshe Feldenkrais was a pivotal figure in the science of somatics. Grounded in physics, biology, and learning, his method remains the most advanced and comprehensive basis available for developing human potential.

Weaving together Feldenkrais's life and his work, this book is compelling reading for all who would like to learn about his thought and method, and indispensable for anyone already deeply engaged with his work.

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The store carries audio and video programs of interest to practitioners as well as transcripts of professional trainings and collections of ATM lessons. We have reviewed all of the products we carry, and we stand behind their quality. Many of our programs are authored by the most experienced members of the profession or by practitioners with a special expertise. We strive for the highest standard of work in the programs we promote.

Please register with this site to gain access to materials restricted to practitioners and students in professional training programs. In appreciation for your passion and dedication to studying the work of Dr. Feldenkrais you will receive a discount on some of our non-professional products. Please allow up to 2 business days for us to approve your account. >Click Here To Register
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The San Francisco Evening Class Vol I, by Moshe Feldenkrais
The San Francisco Evening Class Vol I Audio Set
Our Price: 85.00

When Moshe Feldenkrais visited San Francisco to conduct his first United States training program he held a popular Awareness Through Movement class for the general public. Twice weekly people from many different walks of life came to learn a variety of his remarkable exercises. This superb audio program offers you a selection of the lessons taught in the San Francisco evening class. They are excellent for both beginners and those already familiar at Feldenkrais.

Listen to a Sample of The San Francisco Evening Class Vol I

Embodied Learning: Focus on the Neck and Shoulders
Our Price: 56.00

by Elizabeth Beringer

We are pleased to announce this new audio program focusing on the neck, shoulder and upper back. Elizabeth is one of our most popular authors bringing over thirty years of experience to her crafting of these effective programs, and you are sure to enjoy how she will lead you to healthier functioning of these areas from many different perspectives.

TMJ Health Audio Set, Mark Reese & David Zemach-Bersin
TMJ Health Audio Set
Product Price 75.00

The gentle movements of TMJ Health are easy to do and can be done laying down or sitting in a chair. Uncover the habits that have contributed to your discomfort and learn new movement patterns that will melt away pain.

Listen to A Sample of TMJ Health

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